Beads and Clip


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Three different ways to put the beads in the templates – clips, sticks and spoon.
Ideal for the kids’ development.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 2+ years
Game Description: Three different shapes to put the balls on the stencils, tongs, chopsticks and spoon. Ideal for developing children. There are 8 stencils and 2 more for you to create yourself.
Components: 1 game board, 8 stencils, 1 fabric bag, tongs, 1 spoon, 2 chopsticks, colored balls
Multiple Intelligences: space or visual – place the pieces. Inner self-control and self-effectiveness.
Key Competences:

  • Viso-space – place the pieces in a consistent manner and form the figures
  • Learn to learn – Listen to standards and control that they are applying well, perception of self-effectiveness
  • Manual eye coordination – manipulate the parts in the correct way.

Cognitive Skills:

  • Attention – visual to different shapes
  • Reasoning – according to the premises, form the correct figure
  • Fine psychomotricity – manipulating the pieces and balance
  • Imagination and creativity – create multiple shapes.

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