Birthday card – Hope today is as wonderful


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That special day of the year getting closer and still have no idea what to give them?
Or maybe you want to add a nice detail to a present and write a sweet message to that special someone on their special day?
Whatever it is, this card is absolutely perfect, and you’ll be sure to get it right on their birthday.
Made of special materials and with high-quality finishing touches, the design of this card is what makes it so original compared to conventional cards.
Why is that? Well, firstly because the Mr. Wonderful team has designed it with lots of love and care to ensure that this card gives off positivity and the need to party wherever it is.
It even shines for itself!
This card has shiny and colorful square sequins that hide the colorful and shiny message behind them.
As well as that, a fun Mr. Wonderful cupcake with a candle on top gives it a super sweet and fun touch.
Inside, you’ll have enough space to get inspired or write down a huuuge message, or everyone can write their bit if you’re part of a group to wish that special someone the best birthday ever.

  • Weight: 21g
  • Dimensions: 12 x 18 cm.
  • Card comes with an envelope to keep it from getting ruined and so it can be just one more surprise.

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