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The 110 cards of this game represent the tables of addition from 1 to 10. Each table is easily located by the color that corresponds to it. On the face of the card is the operation, on the reverse the result. One unit is materialized through a circle. The colored circles are what correspond to the sum table contained in the letter. The circles blank are the units that are they add. These units line up in two columns, framed in a rectangle when they constitute a ten. The cards make children optimize their memory visual and helps them develop their quick response, very tricks necessary in mental arithmetic.

AGE: +6 LEVEL: 6 year old and above

COMPONENTS: 110 letters

KEY SKILLS: Social and civic: respect for the ride, tolerance of frustration, understanding of codes of conduct, empathy. Learn to learn: listen to the rules and check that they are applied, perception of self-efficacy.

COGNITIVE SKILLS: Attention and concentration: to solve operations. Reasoning and logical-mathematical capacity.

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES: logical-mathematical: deduction according to the premises.

GAME DESCRIPTION – This is a fun 110 card game that you will learn to add quickly with. The cards on one side have the operation and on the other the result. The better you do things, the better you do them.

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