Set of 2 face mask ear protectors – You look great


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Mate, we have heard on the grapevine that your mask is tight against your face and your ears have paid the price for it. We know that after a long day you start to feel like Dumbo. In order for you to avoid the injuries that the mask can cause or simply to avoid the discomfort that it may cause your little ears, we have designed a great kit composed of two very cool ear protectors. This set includes two ear protectors that are infallible against the tightness of your mask loops that can be so annoying. With them, you can regulate the tension of the mask so that your nose and mouth are covered and your ears do not suffer. Ears: you can breathe easily! We want them to go from singing “It’s Torture” by Jean Shepard to singing “I feel good” by the virtuoso James Brown! As usual, Mr. Wonderful products try to go beyond the practical. This set is absolutely no less: its Wonder design will add a magical touch and some good vibes to your routine. Quality, design… and loads of creativity! We recommend that you take a look at the products we have created for the new normal. You will love them and they will get you out of more than one sticky situation!

15.3 x 1.7 x 0.2 cm

Keep away from sources of extreme heat and sharp objects. Avoid lengthy sun expose to prevent colour fade.

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