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Set of two refillable bottles for hydroalcoholic gel


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Don’t worry, you’re doing great! There is no new normal that you can’t adapt to! You, who on top of taking care of yourself and those around you, have a sense of care for the environment, will love this set of refillable containers for hydroalcoholic gel. And, until now, we have been so focused on adapting to these new times that we have not stopped to think about the impact that this exceptional situation has on the ecosystem.
With this set of two refillable containers, you won’t have to go on the hunt in search of hydroalcoholic gel and reduce your consumption of plastic. We have designed these containers in silicone that, in addition to being an ideal material to combat single-use plastic, does not release toxins that are harmful to the environment. Also, as is usual for Mr. Wonderful, we have given them a fun, original and carefree touch to fill your days with good vibes. Whatever you do, we want you to really want it (and, of course, a little gel). Prevention first!
The ideal thing about this pack of two refillable containers is that you can leave one in your bag and another in the car, for example, or you can keep one and give the other to the person you want to match with. You decide: your hand sanitiser gel bottles, your standards!
The bottles do not include product.

Size: 3.2×5.6×1.6 cm

Keep away from sources of extreme heat and sharp objects. Avoid lengthy sun exposure to prevent color fade.

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