Wallet – Do something amazing today


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It is always a good day to do something today that will make you smile tomorrow. So, take advantage of it! Because in the end life is just that: a lot of decisions, plans, adventures and dreams come true that will build your future. So, that’s why we want to encourage you to live your day to day life with a smile and not to leave anything great undone or beautiful unsaid. How? Well, among the millions of ways we can think of is this super cool Mr. Wonderful wallet with a message and a very practical, useful and above all stylish design. Fill it with savings, change, special gift cards and the odd photo that is capable of making you smile even in the traffic jam on Monday at rush hour. With this wallet close by, you will always have everything you need to hand and you will always remember all the great things that you are capable of. In addition to that, this wallet with space for bills, coins and cards is the perfect gift to always accompany your favorite person, whether it’s your crush, your best friend, your Secret Santa or your friend from work who makes you smile from Monday to Sunday.

Size: 8.5 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm

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