6 pencils and eraser to help you keep dreaming – Unicorn


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What better way to tackle your studies than with this fantastic pack of pencils? The 6 pencils that it contains will be able to give life to even the most boring workbook (yes, those that are in black and white and have the occasional boring exercise).
In addition to that, they are super practical, because they have a very large rubber included with them. And no, it’s not just any rubber: it’s a rubber in the shape of the Wonder unicorn! How cute is that! If you make a mistake, just take our cute and fantastic unicorn and start all over again!
They are so cool that you will set new trends and be the envy of your class or your office. Your friends will suspiciously leave their pencils at home so you can lend them one: “Oops! I’ve done it again! I have been extremely absent-minded lately … Would you lend me one of your pencils, please?” The truth is that we are not surprised by any of this, because their designs are really cool. And here at Mr. Wonderful we can’t stop thinking of creative ways to make your study and work hours more colorful and fun than ever. Make a little space in your pencil case for the Wonder items that you like the most and… you’ll see how you peel it!

Set of 6 pencils with large eraser in the shape of a unicorn.

Length (cm): 0.3

Width (cm): 0.3

Height (cm): 18

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