Cayro toys

At Cayro we’ve been playing for three generations and we always want to play one more game.
Since 1954, our work has consisted of more than just producing and creating games and toys. We’ve created moments shared with the family, moments of fun for young and old alike. But we also believe that play goes further and that everyone has to play this game.
At school, in shops, outdoors or at home on a rainy afternoon; any time and place is good for playing. That’s why we don’t want our work to be just developing and producing games and we carry out activities that help expand play and squeeze its potential to the maximum.
Starting in shops, where the great work of shopkeepers enables people to enjoy our games. They’re the magicians of fun and we do everything possible to keep them well supplied.
And since we know that there’s no better way to learn than having fun, we can also be found in schools. Most of our games have a learning component and help children develop certain abilities. So we try to turn classes into non-stop recreation by showing teachers the benefits of our games through specific training.
And when we say that we want to take play as far as we can, we’re also speaking literally. We go to a great many national and international leisure fairs, so that people can get to know us and soak up all the trends in the world of toys. And we have instruction videos on our YouTube channel so that everyone who wants to can play more and better, wherever they are.

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