Blue rain hat – Avocados print


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The bucket hat, also known as a cap or fisherman’s hat, has become a very recurring accessory. Not only is it extremely comfortable, it also adds a lot of style and elevates an outfit to the category of “super look”. Here at Mr. Wonderful you will find ones with beautiful designs that, in addition, are waterproof and reversible. With this Mr. Wonderful waterproof hat you will set trends, but you can also protect yourself from the rain. No more depending solely on your umbrella when it rains or when you have to make short trips! Obviously, you can also wear it to protect yourself from the sun, or simply to complete your outfit.

By the way, have you noticed how cool the design of this model is? On the one side, it has a blue tone and a very elegant avocado print, on the other, a very sweet pink is the main character. On the blue side, the phrase “”Today is my day (in the rain)”” is printed on it so that you not only fill yourself with good vibes on rainy days, but also transmit it to people who pass you by. With this reversible rain hat, you are going to look awesome!


– Reversible rain hat with Mr. Wonderful design and motivating phrase in English.

– One size (38 x 25 cm).

– Made of polyester.

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