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We know that your diary is almost like an extension of your body and that for nothing in the world would you want it to be damaged or spoiled by anything. And it feels like a part of our soul has died when we find our diary bent inside our backpack or when we spill our morning coffee on it. To take good care of it, we have designed this very cool diary cover that says “Feeling super good” on it. Can you think of a better way to start the day and see what tasks you have pending to take over the world? Also, something that has completely captivated us about this diary cover is that it is made from rPET. Does that ring a bell? Don’t worry if not, we’ll tell you what it is: it is a recyclable material made from plastic bottles. So, with this practical and good-looking item, you will not only protect your diary, but you will also take care of the planet, avoiding materials that pollute the oceans and other ecosystems of our beautiful world. If you have fallen in love with it as much as we have, get yourself one and have a perfect year!

Diary cover made of rPET (recycled material made from recycled plastic bottles).

Length (cm): 27

Width (cm): 0.5

Height (cm): 22.8

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