Drawstring bag – Today is your day


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Whether during your favourite extracurricular activity, on that special outing with school or on the coolest family picnic… today it’s time to let your enjoyment out the bag! So look no further than this Mr. Wonderful backpack with its mouldable shape, which you can fill with everything you need for your next adventure: your notebook, a toiletry bag, a Mr. Wonderful pencil case, your charger, a change of clothes … You’ll even outdo Mary Poppins and her bottomless carpet bag!

If this backpack has captivated us it is because, in addition to being resistant, it is made of rPET, a 100% recyclable material obtained from recycling plastic bottles. So, it’s eco-friendly as well as being a delight to behold. By the way, as if that weren’t enough… have you noticed all the decorative details it features? They’re gorgeous – the rainbow, emoticon, and pen-shaped pins will give you style, and the star-shaped plush keychain will make you look out of this world. Come on, fill it with lots of love and… enjoy yourself like never before!

– Sack-style backpack with Mr. Wonderful design made of rPET polyester (100% recyclable material obtained from recycled plastic bottles).
– Includes 3 decorative metal pins and a Wonder star-shaped plush keyring.

Length (cm): 43

Width (cm): 15

Height (cm): 44

Machine wash on cold. Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach. Do not iron.

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