Eraser with case and pencil sharpener – Mistakes are made to learn


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Mixing up the WhatsApp conversation and mistakenly sending a photo while fooling around, adding salt instead of sugar, “mistaking” the doorbell and knocking on the pretty neighbor’s door… These are things that happen and are part of our – sometimes embarrassing – life. We learn from everything, even from the smallest failure!
To make mistakes and to be able to keep moving forward, we have created this eraser with a cover and pencil sharpener. With it, you can erase all the mistakes you make and sharpen your pencil so you can try again as many times as necessary. By the way, have you noticed how cool its design is? We have created it in the shape of ice cream, because there is no mistake that it is not made smaller with a little sweetness. You know what we’re talking about, right?
Without a doubt, it is a super practical tool to achieve success, at the office or at school, and it can also be a great gift that goes beyond the material: you can tell a special person that, no matter how many mistakes they make, you will continue learning by their side. In addition, the Mr. Wonderful store is full of pencil cases, pencils, pens and much more that will make a great team with this very special eraser.

Ice cream eraser with pencil sharpener included.

Length (cm): 13.5

Width (cm): 2.3

Height (cm): 7.5

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