Greeting card – I’m your number 1 fan


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Construction is already underway for that statue that you are going to place in the living room for that special someone who deserves a pat on the back, a tribute, or their own fan club (at least).
With so many accomplishments to their credit and all their natural talents, no dream or dance floor is too big for them.

So now is a great time to remind them that you will always be there with some pom poms and a big smile to cheer them on and for both of you to celebrate that they have reached their goal, again!
So be sure to tell that special someone not to stress, because whatever it takes, if they put the effort into it, they will make it through and go to infinity and beyond.
This super original and fun card in the shape of a medal is perfect for those people who deserve an award for being so unique and surprising.
Made from cardstock with a smooth texture and with yellow satin ribbons, this will add the cherry on top to any gift for birthdays, celebrations, when you reach your goals, and can even help cheer up that special someone to help you keep giving it. Everything…

It also comes with an extra dose of motivation and a lot of love to completely surprise the person you like the most.

  • Cardboard in the shape of a medal made of smooth cardboard and with yellow satin ribbons.
  • Size: 12 x 17 cm.
  • The card comes with an envelope to keep it from getting ruined and so it can be just one more surprise.

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