Greetings card – Every moment with you is out of t his world


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Good news: we have greeting cards for all occasions! The one we’re showing you here is one of our most romantic products ever. A unique card for Valentine’s Day, for your anniversary, or any other special occasion… It’s always the perfect occasion to write a beautiful message and to give a smile to your favorite person because this person so dear to your heart deserves it!
So, what do you think of this beautiful and very original Valentine’s Day card? We are sure that the person you give it to will love it for many reasons: for example, its message “Every moment with you is out of this world”. Equally, the design is so spectacular you’d think it came straight from another planet… but no, this card was created with lots of love in our wonder studio. It has quality finishing that makes it easily stand out from our previous cards. You’ll have enough space inside to write whatever you want and an envelope to put in! It will be truly an “out-of-this-world” surprise!

Features :
Size: 12 x 18 cm

Indications :
Romantic greeting card, which can also be gifted to friends. Contains characters in relief.

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