Hairbrush – Heart Bandit


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We mean this from the bottom of our hearts: your hair is extremely cool! Because you’re able to create super cool hairstyles with it that have people’s heads turning for another look. The key? Highlighting that joyful glint in your eye and your positive energy and your beautiful smile. And to do all that we know you need a hairbrush that is ready to attack tangles and help you achieve a hairstyle fit for royalty. A brush like this one, elite when compared to others, and decorated with the Mr. Wonderful character that we like the most: our adorable bandit heart. And not only is this brush adorable, it’s from the prestigious Beter – experts in beauty products and accessories, with whom we’ve been able to collaborate to create products that are high-quality and cute. All this to create a brush that is perfect for comfortable detangling due to its flexible bristles that come in two lengths to prevent you from pulling and snagging at your hair. On top of that, it comes with a protective case to prevent the bristles from getting forced in the wrong direction and damaged, meaning you can throw it in your bag, backpack, suitcase or briefcase and carry it with you wherever you go without a care in the world. Remember that you can also clean it easily with the help of a little bit of soap and water. How neat is that?

– With flexible bristles that allow you to detangle your hair without snagging or pulling.
– Comes with a protective cover for the bristles so that you can carry it comfortably and safely in your bag.

Size:5,5 x 4,5 cm

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