Magnetic Letters


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AGE: 3 years old and above

COMPONENTS: 60 magnetic letters 

KEY COMPETENCES – Learning to learn: listening to rules and checking that they are being applied well, perception of self-efficacy. Linguistics: improve verbal and written communication at various levels.

COGNITIVE SKILLS – Attention: visual to letters. Verbal expression and communication: improving vocabulary and spelling. Manual ability: to place letters in the desired places.

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES – Spatial or visual: to place the letters in the desired places. Linguistics: to improve communication and vocabulary.

GAME DESCRIPTION – 60 decorated letters for you to write anything you can think of. There are also enough repeats so that you can form several words. These letters are magnetic and you can play with them on any metal support such as the fridge or on our magnetic board. They come in a lined cardboard box, with a very modern design and perfect for you not to miss any.

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