Money box – Awesome plan for two, coming right up!


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Saving as a couple is always much much easier. Because it is not only about saving, but enjoying together some unique plan, an exciting trip, a weekend of relaxation or a new coach to cuddle while watching your favorite series. With this in mind, we have created for you a great money box in aluminum, that includes a lock with a small key, so you avoid the temptation of spending your coins too early! Because yes, this money box is made for both of you, like the little or big thing in which you will invest the money you have saved: a trip, a dinner in style or any other special thing to share. Talk about you both want and see how easily you achieve it! Then, you can start collecting all these coins that you usually loose in bags, pockets, drawers and at any corner. You will see how the money box starts to get filled. And when the time comes… it will be time to open it and to discover what it keeps inside! Come on, don’t wait any longer! Hands and coins to work, because even cent by cent is also possible to get very, very far.

Features :

Size: 14.8 x 10.5 cm

Indications :

– Aluminium moneybox with padlock and romantic message. The padlock has two keys.
– Do not wet. Do not expose to the sun for a prolonged period of time to prevent colours from losing intensity.

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