Notebook – (The best) adventures await you


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How many adventures do you have left to live… and the fact is that travelling is like your middle name now, you don’t want to leave any corner of the planet undiscovered. But beyond selfies, videos and souvenirs, there is another way to collect memories on a trip. Write! Lot’s or little, it does not matter, but the magic of ink on paper talking about distant places and new landscapes is simply magical. That is why, in our collection of essential products for natural globetrotters, this beautiful notebook could not be left out. If you wanted, you could also use as it as your travel companion, to write down places you want to visit, foods to try, keywords in other languages that will be useful to you, you decide how and what you want to write in this notebook. Because you have nothing more and nothing less than 80 sheets to fill with ideas, doodles and memories. In addition, we have worked on the thickness of the paper so that you can note and draw calmly without anything being transparent. The thickness of the sheets of this notebook are 100 g. So you know, this notebook fits a thousand adventures, the best thing being that, no matter how much you fill it with ideas, they will not take up any more room in your luggage!

Length (cm): 13.3

Width (cm): 1.9

Height (cm): 18.8

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