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Your story could write the most romantic book ever and then adapt it to film as a heartwarming story with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams playing your roles. And this beautiful story culminated in the most special day of all, your wedding day. Now that you’ve taken this important step together, it’s time to celebrate it with an unforgettable trip. Be it a getaway within your country or an epic trip around the world, we are sure that your honeymoon will have many unique moments that you will always want to keep alive in your memory. That’s why we designed this beautiful photo album, decorated in our two favorite colors, blue and pink, and with a beautiful message on the cover. Inside this album you will find 64 pages that are eager to keep a thousand and one photographs of the most beautiful moments you spent together on your honeymoon. And in addition to photos, you can also paste other significant memories in this album, such as tickets, plane tickets and postcards.

Product features:

– Photo album for couples, with the message “They lived happily ever after a great honeymoon!”
– Includes 64 pages
– Measures: 27 x 25 cm
– Interior text in English

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