Pen with squishy – Avocado


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Oh, what will have the avocados raise passions wherever they go? Rich, colorful, nutritious and are quickly becoming one of the most loved Mr. Wonderful characters by all our fans. We never tire of dedicating products, designs and creations to brightening up your day-to-day, any time and any place. Therefore, among our new writing products we wanted to include this amazing pen complete with an avocado squishy. Not sure what a squishy is? No problem, right here we will show you. It is a soft squishy material that allows you to squash again and again … always returning to its original shape! We have shaped this squishy material to decorate this pen with a nice avocado, this pen will become your fav tool to write down the very best ideas, notes and even poems if you feel especially inspired. Also, remember that, among our products designed to equip you for going back to class, either at school or at home school, you will find all kinds of accessories decorated with your beloved avocado. So now you know, the rhythm does not stop, the good vibes roll on… and long live the tastiest avocados!

Features :
– 6.5 x 17.5 x 4cm
– Mr. Wonderful ballpoint pen with a squishy avocado made from anti-stress material.

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