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Poker Lined Dice Cup with 5 Poker Dices. A game to start developing reasoning and cognitive skills as important as attention, visual perception and analytical thinking. In addition, it improves fine motor skills
Train the ability to know the verbal and non-verbal language of other players.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 9+ years
Components: 1 cup, 5 poker dice
Game Description: Plastic cup with felt lining inside and 5 poker dice With this game add-on you can play any game you can think of (liar, poker etc.)
Key Competences: Social and civic: respect turn, tolerance to frustration, understanding of codes of conduct, empathy. Learn to learn: listen to the rules and check that they are applied, perception of self-efficacy.
Cognitive Skills:

  • Manual skills – to handle the dice
  • Rationale – to create winning combinations
  • Oral communication – lie or not to other players

Multiple Intelligences:

  • Linguistics – lie or not to the rest of the players
  • Logic-mathematical – to create the combinations with the dice
  • Bodily kinesthesia – to work on fine psychomotor capacities
  • Interpersonal – to train the ability to know the verbal and non-verbal language of the rest of the players

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