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What a clutter!
The goblins have started playing in the shelf unit of the magic ingredients and now there’s no way to find what’s needed to make the potions.
Turn yourselves into witches and wizards, move the right goblins and finish your potions before the others.
Oh! and don’t forget to move the cat, as it always sits just on the ingredient you need the most.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 6+ years
Components: 2 dice, 15 cards and 10 pozimas
Game Description: What a mess! The goblins have been playing on the magic ingredient shelf and now there is no way to find what it takes to make the potions. Become a witch and wizard, move the right elves and get your potions completed before the rest, and don’t forget to move the cat, which always sits right on top of the ingredient it needs most.
Key Competences: Memory: remembering the ingredients of potions. Social and civic skills: tolerance of frustration, respect for the rules of the game Learning to learn: understanding the game and knowing that I am playing it correctly
Cognitive Skills: Visuospatial perception: to recognize the ingredients Reasoning: to make the right movements with the elves. Creativity and problem solving: to be able to complete the potions.
Multiple Intelligences: Intrapersonal: to know the other players, to interact with them. Logical-numeric: to make the right movements and complete the potions.

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