Rubbish Race


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Did you know that the environment is Yellow, Blue, Brown, Green and Grey?
These five colors are the ones that keep the planet clean and, taking advantage of our local festivities, we are going to celebrate the already traditional colour test that our participants have been preparing for quite some time in which they must be the fastest in recycling objects.
Will you win the test this year?
Show it by remembering the five colours of the environment and what we deposit in each one of them…

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 6+ years
Components: 5 containers, toy figures
Key capabilities: Visuospatial: place parts correctly. Learning: listen to rules and check if they apply them well, perception of self-effectiveness. Okulo manual coordination: manipulate the parts in the right way.
Cognitive skills:

  • Attention and concentration – reminder of the colors and the objects we put in the container
  • Reason – according to the premise of recycling the largest number of objects
  • Spatial orientation and hand-eye coordination to move the containers.

Multiple intelligence:

  • Spatial or visual – place the parts
  • Intrapersonal – self-control and self-effectiveness.

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