Set of 3 makeup sponges – Made-up or bare-faced, you are a vision


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If you like Mr. Wonderful and you are also a beauty fanatic… you’re going to love this product. Because its design is beyond adorable and the quality of the sponge, when coming from an expert like Beter, is second to none. We’re talking about this set of 3 makeup sponges you can see here. A pack of Mr. Wonderful makeup sponges, you say? No, you’re not dreaming! It’s real and above all, ideal. Because we have outdone ourselves by collaborating with a brand as amazing as Beter to bring you all products that are going to help you look even more sensational than you already do (if such a thing is indeed possible!).
With characters that are very typical of Mr. Wonderful’s style such as pandas and unicorns have become perfect for featuring on makeup products. Sponges that, thanks to their shape and texture, allow you to blend your makeup evenly across the face, even helping you to reach all the nooks and crannies. They are perfect for letting you define the contours of the face and work in difficult areas, such as around the nose and eyes. And you can decide to use them dry for a more full-coverage effect or use them damp for more natural coverage. You can even use them for applying blusher. You’ll see that with this set of 3 sponges, applying your makeup will be even more enjoyable.

Usage and cleaning:
– The pointy end of the makeup sponge is for harder to reach areas, such as around the eyes and nose.
– The rounded edge is for foundation and blusher.
– Can be used both wet and dry.
– Important: clean thoroughly after use.

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