Set of eraser + pencil sharpener – Avocado


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Time’s up! It starts with A: a character from the wonder family that easily awakens sweetness and is known in some countries as “green gold.” Correct! The very adorable avocado from Mr. Wonderful! If you are also a fan of such beauty, pay attention, because this avocado-themed kit will win you over indefinitely. It consists of an avocado-shaped eraser and a pit-shaped pencil sharpener. Both make a super original duo that will turn heads at school, at the office or wherever they go. It doesn’t surprise you, does it? In addition to having an unbeatable design, they are super practical and will become the ideal accessory to succeed during the school year or succeed at work. If you were initially looking for a cute gift, but you have fallen so much in love with this set that you want it for yourself… don’t worry! There is no need to worry, since in the Wonder online or physical store you will find a wide variety of items as great as this one. Get lost in the writing collection and find pencils with eraser, pens, highlighters or a-dor-able writing sets. Get ready to fall madly in love!

Size: 7.5 x 11 x 4 cm

Avocado-shaped eraser + pit-shaped pencil sharpener set.

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