Silicone case – Home is wherever you travel


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Here and there and from time to time, a little getaway is needed, of course it is! Your life has more rhythm than the summer hit song and is non-stop going from one place to another. For this reason and because we like to pamper you just like a long weekend away or the biscuits they give away with coffee, we want you to go wherever you go but, always feel at home. So, we have designed a lot of little detailed products so that, whether you travel to the park close to the house or to the other end of the world, you will never miss anything. And one of those practical products we designed is this wonderful multi-use case that, as its name suggests, it serves to store as many things as your imagination gives you. And if that’s not enough! We have designed it with great care, made of soft and resistant silicone and we have even come up with a cool phrase to get you smiling even early on a Monday. Now you just have to follow our top tips, store your toothbrush and toothpaste or cutlery to eat in the office or any other essential items that you cannot leave behind and you can also enjoy using it at home!

Dimensios: 21 x 5 x 3 cm

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