Toiletry bag – Do your best, forget the rest


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You are a show off. It is not the first time that people tell you that, but it is well known. In a good way though, right? In other words, you love taking care of yourself, taking advantage of your positives and always being the best version of yourself… That is why you are one heck of a showstopper! And of course, when you go on a trip, weekend getaway or even to the gym, you need to be able to have all your lotions and potions and your hygiene and beauty essentials handy so that you are always ready to show off your complexion, great hair and how good you smell. So, here at Mr. Wonderful we want to make it easy and very very practical with the help of this great and practical toiletry bag that we have designed to offer you more than enough space and do so with an original and careful design all at the same time! A toiletry bag that you will always want to carry with you in your bag, suitcase or backpack and that includes an original message in English that says: “Do your best, forget the rest”. So now you know, do it the best you can, take advantage of all your talent, trust yourself and, afterward, celebrate each big or small success by wearing your best smile, thanks to this practical toiletry bag that, on top of everything else, you can pair with other great products from the Mr. Wonderful’s Mister collection. Don’t miss out on yours!

Size: 25 x 12.5 x 8cm

Indications and care:
Clean with a damp cloth.
Do not use bleach.
Do not put in washing machine or tumble dryer.

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