Travel photo album – Great adventures in unforgettable places


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Travelling is a marvellous thing. Not only because you are lucky enough to experience a new location, step outside your comfort zone and tap into the culture and customs of somewhere outside the realms of what you’re used to, but, it also manages to bring out a new side of you that you rarely see at home. Shall we go bungee jumping? Sure. What about a new tattoo? Why not. Shall we eat more food in one brunch meeting than we normally eat in a week at home? I’m ready. And then when you get home you settle back into your old ways and the adventurous version of you sinks back below the surface ready to be released on your next trip. Well, for those occasions in which you want to remember the crazy you, the fearless you, the you who could potentially be the star of their own movie, you need a travel album to collate all the photos you took for posterity. And that’s where Mr. Wonderful comes in. We’ve designed a travel photograph album so that you never have to search through the blurry parts of your memory to re-enjoy the moments you captured on your travels. Perfect as a gift for yourself or for a friend or loved one who also enjoys gallivanting around the world and looking back on the adventure later.

Features :
Size: 25.5 x 25.5 x 2.5 cm

Indications :
Travel photo album with 64 unmarked pages and 2 sheets of stickers.

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