Manicure set – You nailed it!


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Superstar nails in 3, 2, 1… wow! Here we will show you the secret to getting diva-style nails (we’re talking Cardi B level), which is a manicure set beautiful and practical enough to pamper your hands as much as you’d like. Inside the case you will find everything you need to take your nail game up a notch: scissors, files and nail clippers. And we already know that beauty is found on the inside… but we can’t deny that the case is totally adorable either. As well as being resistant, lightweight and with a zip closure that allows you to open and close it without any issue, it also means that you can keep everything securely inside.
A manicure kit as authentic as this is ideal to take wherever you go. It’s exactly what happens with two super cool brands come together and doing with so much excitement that the result can’t help but be a work of art worthy of being displayed in the MOMA. Because this manicure kit made in collaboration with Beter involves high-quality materials for both manicure and pedicure and, on the other hand, still encapsulates the typical Mr. Wonderful style through its design, messages and, of course, its positive energy. If you think that this case will be the center of attention, never mind your nails!

– Manicure set with scissors, files and nail clippers inside.
– Comes with case, zip closure and motivational message.

Set size: 22.2 x 21 x 3.5 cm

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