Photo album to tell the most beautiful love story: yours!


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Think about this: your relationship has been constantly filled with “first times” that made your love story truly incredible. A love story that can easily compete with blockbuster classics. Maybe you didn’t think about it until now, but there are thousands of places where you kissed for the first time. Every trip, every weekend, every new corner of the city you discovered, every restaurant where you had dinner together… all those places where you shared spontaneous, shy or passionate kisses. That’s why we wanted to unveil this superb photo album for couples who love each other so much. It’s the ideal opportunity to tell the most beautiful love story and to organize, collect and relive all your favorite photo moments. Inside, you will find 64 pages that can be filled with great photos, selfies, maybe even train, plane or concert tickets and everything else that is important to you. If you were looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day or just a present to say “I love you” to your significant other… you’ve found it! With this photo album, it’s guaranteed to fall in love. Three cheers for love!

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Size: 23 x 15 x 3.5 cm

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Romantic photo album, with 64 pages and 8 sheets of stickers.

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