Baby photo album – 12 months and full to the brim with love


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The first year of a baby’s life is a truly special and unforgettable time. So many wonderful things happen that afterwards, when you look back, time seems to have absolutely flown by. Here at Mr. Wonderful, we know how precious every moment you spend with your baby is and that you don’t want to miss anything, so we have created this beautiful photo album to help you properly commemorate the months. It was made especially so that you can keep pictures of each month of the first year of your precious treasure’s life. It has space inside for you to jot down each month how big baby is getting, how much they weigh and all the new things they have learned, such as how to sit up by themselves and how to take their first steps.
As you can see, with this magnificent photo album to help you celebrate the months, you will be able to keep all the very best memories of the first year, so you can then revisit them and relive them as many times as you want. It is a super cute gift for you, if you are about to have a baby, and also a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give to another person who is pregnant. Because at Mr. Wonderful we believe that mums and babies deserve all the love and the warmest wishes in the whole wide world.

Size: 18 x 21 x 1,3 cm

Tabletop photo album, with base and spiral binding. It has 12 pages inside, all of them outlined and with a space to put a photo of baby during each of their first 12 months of life. At the back there is space to write down their weight and height, as well as the most remarkable thing that has happened that month, in order to commemorate their first year of life.

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