Birthday card – It’s party time


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This cute card is in full celebration mode and ready to have the time of your life.
If you are thinking of writing some nice words for that person who will soon grow old a little, this is what you were looking for.
A small gift that will steal a smile and that you can keep to remember forever.
Made with special materials and with high quality finishes, its design is what makes it so special and authentic compared to other cards on the market.
Featuring fun embossed balloons leading the way and a colorful design, this card features a sequin-filled star balloon that hides a birthday message behind them that you can send to that special someone.
Inside they can write a nice and sincere message, or if they sign it as part of a group, everyone can write something to wish them the best birthday.
The card comes with a colored envelope that you can keep it in for that special someone who will be amazed when they open it and pull out this amazing birthday card.
Whether you give it along with another gift or give it as a special “something extra”, we are sure that everyone will see it and it is sure to steal the heart of the birthday boy or girl.

  • Paper card with birthday message, with raised illustrations, special materials and glossy finishes.
  • Weight 21 gr
  • Dimensions 12 x 18 cm
  • Includes an envelope to insert the card. This product is stored in a small transparent packaging

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