Box with photo album – Moments that belong to us and us only


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You two have already experienced many adventures together and are simply a perfect match: just like bread and Nutella, your couch and a wool blanket or the desire to party once the weekend beings. In short, together you are incredible and during all this time together you have collected tons of beautiful selfies, photos and clichés that deserve to be printed and kept in a very special place. That’s why this beautiful box is perfect for you: Covered with a lovely phrase, that will make you fall in love at first sight, it also contains a small foldout booklet for your top 6 photos together. This wonderful, little box encompasses an accordion photo album, which will be a perfect place to store your favorite photos. Each of the six fields also has pre-cut placeholders to insert square photos (like the Instagram ones, for example). And the icing on the cake is an extremely elegant satin ribbon that will allow you to close it tightly. A perfect gift idea for your anniversary, any romantic date, Valentine’s Day, or simply just because you want to collect your most precious memories. You two are fantastic!

Features :

Size: 12 x 0.1 cm

Indications :

Cardboard box with an accordion-shaped mini photo album, made of 350 g paper. On the photo album, 6 photographs in 9 x 9 cm format can be placed. Each placeholder is perforated at the corners, so that the photo can be placed easily. Includes a ribbon to close the album. Ideal as a gift idea for couples.

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