Foldable shopping bag grey – Collect memories, not plastic bags


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You head into the supermarket to buy that one thing you needed: the batteries in your TV remote have run out and you really want to watch that series you’ve not had a chance to watch yet. You’re running around the supermarket like there’s no tomorrow and you can’t find the battery aisle, you’re heading up and down the aisles but can’t find them anywhere. Ah! There it is… you’ve finally found the batteries (but also a million other things you’ve picked up along the way). Now, you’ve got to go through that careful balancing act of getting everything you’ve picked up to the till without dropping anything… especially those eggs! We all know this has happened to us all!
We know, that like us, you’re trying to do your best for the environment and bring your own bags and not have to ask for another plastic bag at the till, but we always get caught out and pick up those extra things we need when we see them and never have a reusable bag at hand. And it was thinking about these times that Mr. Wonderful decided to design this practical shopping bag. This bag looks amazing, is foldable (meaning it will take up hardly any space in your backpack or handbag and is suuuper cute; absolutely perfect for taking around with you for those impromptu shopping sprees.

Size: 55 x 0.5 cm

Indications and care:

– Foldable bag ideal for taking on shopping trips nd perfect for saying goodbye to those unnecessary plastic bags.
– Machine wash at 30°C. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not use bleach on this product. Do not tumble dry.

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