Folder with transparent sheets – I can do anything I want…


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For those of you who like to innovate even with your stationery, we have designed this folder with interior pockets and spiral binding that you will love! It is one of our most successful Mr. Wonderful folders among people looking to break away from the classic, but without giving up all their creature comforts. And, in addition to making sure the papers that you keep in it are kept pristine, it will also allow you to open it like a notebook and find the sheet you’re looking for or the one you’re using in view. That means that using this multipurpose folder is easier and more practical than ever. Has it already won you over? Well, there is still more! It does not weigh anything at all, so you can take it to school, college, university, the office or anywhere else without breaking down in the process. And, as usual, the Mr. Wonderful touch will be in charge of transmitting those good vibes that are necessary on those days where you need to face the world with a lot of hard work. Come on, start thinking about what you will keep in each of the 40 pockets that this folder contains and… apply order to your days with a smile from ear to ear!


– Spiral-bound folder with transparent plastic pockets to classify notes and/or documents.
– It includes 40 transparent plastic pockets inside. Spiral binding

Length (cm): 24

Width (cm): 0.4

Height (cm): 30.5

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