Large-sized blue umbrella – Avocado print


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They say that if we sing badly, it rains. So, if that’s the case, we prefer to equip ourselves with a nice Mr. Wonderful umbrella like this one and NEVER abandon our karaoke sessions at home. Perhaps it is true that we need a little tweaking here and there, but we put a lot of emotion into it. And, the thing that makes us excited about this large umbrella with reinforced rods and avocado print is that it is designed to add style and pizazz to our daily outfits (and to the outfits of whomever we’re with, if necessary, since it is huge in size and very resistant). So that means that this wonderful umbrella won’t flip inside out and have you bending about like a contortionist when it’s windy and rainy at the same time. In addition to that, this long umbrella is ideal, because when folded it hardly takes up space and it has a hook-shaped handle so you can leave it hanging until further notice. So, what do you think of its design? In the office it’s a hit, its bluish tone and its avocado print seem great to fill the rainy months with endless good vibes and energy. Come on, put on your wellies, grab your umbrella and start singing in the rain!

Umbrella measures: 90 x 70 cm

– Umbrella with automatic opening and closing system, with 16 reinforced rods of 61 cm each.

– Made of polyester.

– Windproof.

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