Mug – I won the jackpot with the father-in-law … I got


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Ever had the urge to play the lottery to win a big windfall for those holidays you’ve dreamt about for years on end? Well, we’ve got a little something to tell you; you’ve already won the jackpot with the father-in-law you got. He’s the type of father-in-law who you can always rely on to be there when you fall, to have a laugh with until your sides’ split, and to invite over for an impromptu barbecue (and not because it’s something you “have” to do, but because it’s something you “want” to do). A holiday would be great, but sometimes all we need to do is appreciate what we have a little closer to home and you’ll already feel like you’re on top of the world anyway! Sometimes in life we don’t express how grateful we are for certain people enough, and here at Mr. Wonderful we wanted to help you out with that, and that’s why we’ve designed this super cool mug to make sure your father-in-law can be reminded how much you love him with every tea or coffee break he has. With this mug, you’ll have him smiling from ear to ear every time he picks it up.

– Ceramic mug with a 365 ml capacity, featuring a message for your father-in-law.
– Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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