Mug with unicorn in relief – You are fantastic


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For friends who are all the good things in the world, there’s nothing better than this embossed mug featuring the Wonder unicorn. “”Just friends”” does not represent us: we are FRIENDS in capital letters and with neon lights. Because there are relationships that change your life and take you by the hand to lead you through magical and super fun moments. Sounds like you, right?
If you want to give a gift to that special person who has a magic wand and can turn a plan into an adventure, this ceramic mug is sure to be a hit. Besides having a very Mr. Wonderful positive design, it reads “Eres lo más”. Without a doubt, a hot drink in this non-boring mug is the best fuel to start the day in the very best way.
And, be careful, because we have left a space on the box of this unicorn mug so you can personalise it. Grab a pen, fill yourself with inspiration and jazz up a gift that is going to be with the receiver for a loooong time. Almost as much as your unconditional love and the desire you have to continue experiencing unforgettable moments. Don’t stop filling your biography with chapters where your friendship is the protagonist!

Ceramic mug with relief.

Length (cm): 7,5 cm

Height (cm): 10,5 cm

Capacity:: 40 cl

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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