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Maybe you don’t have it on your calendar, but all the good things start today: from now on there will be no challenge that you’ll be able to resist. And we are not talking about Instagram or TikTok challenges, we are talking about real challenges that will bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams. And the fact that you have decided to smash it like never before and that is the first step to succeed in what you set your mind to. To do this, there’s nothing better than equipping yourself with this hardcover squared-paper notebook that, you’ve been warned, will make everyone who knows you envious. Write all your goals on the pages, write the notes of that subject that seems impossible or the steps you need to follow to succeed in the office and… get to working hard! And, if you have doubts, let the motivational phrase on its cover and the good vibes that its design transmits work their magic.

In addition to this cool Mr. Wonderful notebook, in our online or physical store you will find pens, pencils, erasers, pencil cases and many more items full of good vibes and motivating messages that will make you have more power than all the Power Rangers put together. Achieve your goals at the speed of light!


– A4 hardcover notebook.
– Inside 80 sheets (160 pages) with internal squared lines.
– 1 sheet of stickers.

Length (cm): 22

Width (cm): 1.3

Height (cm): 30

Pages: 160 pages

Covers: Hardcover notebook

Binding: Spiral binding

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