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If when they talk to you about anything squishy you imagine a marshmallow or something soft like that, don’t worry, you’re not far off the mark, actually. We are here to explain everything about this material that is so popular lately. It is found, for example, in those items that, after you squeeze them, return to their original shape in no time. Yes, yes, those that for some reason we love to squeeze compulsively all the time, especially in times of stress or boredom. Without going any further, you can find one of these squishy in this Mr. Wonderful notebook, which is only suitable for dreamers (and fidgety fingers!). We love it, because it has a beautiful cover, featuring this original sticker, and also includes 160 pages to fill with ideas, annotations, lists, drawings… Without a doubt, there are plenty of pages for you to unleash your unlimited creativity in this original A5 notebook.
In addition to that, this small notebook for great imaginative minds is a great accessory for the pencils, pens, pencil cases and many other items that you can find in any of our Wonder stores. Choose the ones that best suit you and… dare to dream big!


– A5 notebook with Mr. Wonderful design and squishy sticker on the cover.
– 80 sheets (160 pages).

Length (cm): 15

Width (cm): 1.5

Height (cm): 21

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