Pencils with erasers – Milk, cup and ice cream


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Call it a pencil or call it a magic wand capable of filling any study or work session with sweetness and fun. Without a doubt, the three pencils with eraser that make up this Mr. Wonderful writing set are capable of that… and more! Surely you have already noticed how cool these adorable erasers are: they are shaped like a milk carton, a cup and an ice cream, respectively. If the Dictionary of Cute Items existed, there is no doubt that this very original kit would be found among its pages. And speaking of dictionaries, these pencils are perfect for studying for that important test or doing your homework (yes, the exercises you love because they are done directly in the book.) If you have already left school behind and spent your days in the office, this pack will also be a great one for you! In addition, these pencils complement each other wonderfully together with the colored pencils, pencil cases, pens or sharpeners that you will find in our Wonder store. Visit our online or physical store in advance, because the minutes will fly by when you’re among so many items worthy of the cutest museum in the world!

Set of 3 pencils, each one with an eraser at the end, with the following shapes: milk carton, cup and ice cream.

Length (cm): 0.7

Width (cm): 1

Height (cm): 18.5

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