Photo frame for the most fantastic baby


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There is something we know for sure: the best decoration for any home is… the smile of a child! They, even with the smallest gestures fill us with instant joy and with their beautiful face illuminate all space, no matter how big it may be. That’s why, in our collection of baby products we wanted to include a new type of accessory: a children’s photo frame for the most fantastic child, bony: yours! A beautiful frame that has been made in DM wood and that includes space to place a 6×9 cm photo and that, best of all, is shaped like a magical unicorn. Wiiiiiii! Thus, you can become a decorative accessory with which to customize the living room, bedroom or any other room in the house with a touch of fantasy that combines perfectly with the cheerful spirit more Wonder. Thus, this photo frame is ideal also as a complement to a children’s space where we want to say loud and clear that its occupant is the most magical person we have ever met. And as a gift, it can be combined with other details of our collection and in which the unicorn is not lacking as a decorative motif. The only difficult thing will be to choose only one picture!


17 x 22 x 2 cm

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