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An incredible wooden construction toy with multiple applications and possibilities. The little ones work on hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity. As they grow, they can use the pieces to create scenarios for their games: create a dollhouse, a tunnel for vehicles, an enclosure for animals, etc. The limit is your imagination!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 1+ years
Product dimensions: 30 x 20 x 20cm
Components: 8 rainbow pieces of different size and color
Game Description: 8 building pieces to start enhancing manual skills and fine motor skills of babies and toddlers.
Key Competences: Viso-spatial: coherently placing the pieces and forming the figures. Learning to learn: perception of self-efficacy. Eye-hand coordination: manipulate the cubes in the correct way.
Cognitive Skills:

  • Attention – look at the shapes that are being created
  • Reasoning – According to the premises, form the correct figure
  • Fine motor skills – manipulation of the pieces and balance
  • Imagination and creativity – form different figures and groups.

Multiple Intelligences:

  • Spatial or visual – place the cubes
  • Intrapersonal – self-control and self-efficacy

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