Sam The Villain


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AGE: 5 years old and above

COMPONENTS: 1 Board, 5 dice, characters with stands, sand clock – 

KEY COMPETENCES: Linguistic communication: knowledge of vocabulary and grammar | Social and civic skills: tolerance of frustration, respect for the rules of the game. | Learning to learn: understanding of play and knowing that I am playing correctly

COGNITIVE SKILLS – Manual-occupational coordination: put the cards in their corresponding place. | Fine psychomotor skills: take the card and put it in its place. | Visual perception: differentiate colours and different objects. | Visual memory: to remember objects that have not come up on the dice.

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES – Linguistics: to use language correctly. Intrapersonal: to know the other players, to interact with them.

GAME DESCRIPTION – In Sam the Villain, all players are the police and must be able to catch the thief before he commits his last 4 robberies and escapes to a lost island with all his loot. In addition, we have the help of the snitch dice that tells us which items the thief is going to steal with each hit. If we manage to frustrate him 8 times, with the evidence he leaves behind, we will manage to stop him and put him in jail.

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