Set of 3 candles for couples with spark


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A candle can make a really big difference when it comes to creating a truly romantic moment, planning a special dinner or decorating the house the way we like.
So what happens if there are three candles? Just light them to make any moment unforgettable…
Even a marathon of your favorite series will become a romantic memory!
These three beautiful candles with romantic messages have three unique and perfect aromas which, when combined, are pure magic:

Asian night is exotic and sweet, ideal for cozy evenings on the couch with a blanket;
Sweet sunset is perfect for fruity sweet moments, or for dreaming (even when you are awake);
and Pure relax needs no introduction, as the Zen mode is assured.

Choose this set of three candles with romantic messages to decorate the living room, bedroom or your favorite corner of the house.
They will bring a unique and special touch and make every moment together unforgettable.

  • Dimensions: 8 cm x 6.7 cm
  • Material: Vegetable Wax
  • Comes packed in branded packaging
  • Box includes 3 Candles

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