Set of Two Above-and-Beyond-Adorable Folders, Multi-Color, Single


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This set of two folders will blow your mind, because they are practical and beautiful as well as possible!
Being made of thin cardboard, they weigh very little and that makes them very comfortable so that you can carry them with you and take them wherever you want.
Its elastic rubber closure will allow everything you keep to remain there without getting lost, wrinkled or stained.
For your paperwork, your notes or whatever you want, because you have not one but two folders in which to organize it the way you like the most.
In addition, beyond how useful and practical they are, it is also obvious that they are precious.
Its design in the purest Mr. Wonderful style and a different motivational message in each one of them, assure us one thing: you will love them!
Because all the power they transmit will keep you motivated and wanting to come up every day, whether you are at home, at the university or at the office.
And it is that as these folders say, you are great to give everything and, when you do, you are that you leave.
They are now ready for you to organize all your paperwork and, incidentally, steal the odd smile. And you?

Two folders with elastic closure, lightweight and practical, for storing and keeping paperwork, invoices or any other document intact

  • Weight: 62 g
  • Dimensions with pack: 23 x 31 x 1 cm
  • Materials: cardboard and elastic rubber

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