Shoulder bag – Today will be my day


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Today the remaining 364 days can be your day. Do you know what the only thing it really depends on is? That is, the only thing that changes between an ordinary day and an extraordinary day is precisely that “extra” attitude. So, jump out of bed and get ready to do your best and go for it all the time with a smile on your face and more power than your mobile battery. And what better than a very cool Mr. Wonderful shoulder bag to fill up with all those essentials that make your life a little simpler and much more beautiful: a notebook for you to take note of the goals you’ve achieved, a pen, of course, your laptop for when you really need to knuckle down, some headphones to make it easier to enjoy your favorite playlist… and whatever else you want! Be that as it may, this unisex crossbody bag made of canvas cotton and with PU details is as stylish as it is practical, as well as the best accessory to accompany you anywhere you go. For all that and much more, it is the ideal gift to surprise your best friend on any given day because that’s pretty much what friends are for, your love on their birthday, your best friend in the world that makes you happy every day at work or the lucky individual who has got you as part of Secret Santa.

Size: 35 x 27 x 3 cm

Do not wash.
Do not machine dry.
Do not use bleach.
Do not iron.

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