Sticker book to jazz up your favorite gadgets


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Your personality is more addictive than tortilla chips and guacamole and your favorite song all put together. Although, the real catch are the stickers of this Mr. Wonderful vinyl sticker book: it is designed to decorate mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices and objects that you want to turn into items worthy of a display in a top art gallery. Hold on to your chair, because this sticker booklet has no less than 20 pages full of fun stickers, aesthetic stickers, stickers with motivational phrases and sooo much more. Wow, now your mobile will not only have WhatsApp or Telegram icons, it will also be able to show off some beautiful stickers on the outside. How cool is that! And when you get tired of the stickers (if such a thing were to ever happen), don’t worry, because they are easier to put on and take off than a Mr. Wonderful sock. Wow, isn’t that nifty!

This pack of stickers, which goes with any and everything, is an original and fun gift that will delight those who receive it. Whether you want to surprise someone for secret Santa or on their birthday, or if you want to give yourself a gift: this great little booklet will be a sure hit!


Mr. Wonderful vinyl sticker book to make your favorite devices even more beautiful.

Length (cm): 12.7

Width (cm): 0.6

Height (cm): 17.7

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