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Tangram with Cardboard Box
This game tests your intelligence and is a challenge to your imagination, you can use it to design thousands of different figures.
There are at least 1.600 design possibilities that can be made from 7 pieces, including silhouettes of animals, human figures, objects, etc.
Made from high quality parts

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 5+ years
Recommended number of Players: 1 player
Measurement: 25 x 3.3 x 17.5 cm
Game Description: This game is a challenge for your intelligence and a challenge for your imagination allowing you to design thousands of different figures. Tangram is a game of Chinese origin. It consists of 7 pieces called TANS, 5 triangles of three different sizes, a square and a parallelogram. Together these figures form a square. From the 7 pieces, at least 1,600 different figures, animals, characters, objects, etc. can be formed.
Components: 7 pieces of wood, 36 challenge cards
Key Competences: Social and civic: respecting turn, tolerance to frustration, understanding codes of conduct, empathy. Learning to learn: listening to rules and checking that they are being applied well, perception of self-efficacy.
Cognitive Skills: Attention: visual to the cards and figures to be represented.

  • Reasoning – according the cards, assemble the correct figure
  • Manual skill – to combine the pieces
  • Multiple Intelligences:
  • Logical-mathematical – deduction according to premises
  • Spatial or visual – to place the pieces correctly
  • Corporal-kinesthetic – works the fine psychomotor

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