Toiletry bag with silicone bottles – I don’t need filters, baby!


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Jump, dance, pedal, lift weights, do sit-ups or even the roly-poly if needed. Do whatever you need to do to get that lovely body of yours in shape! We need to give it our all whenever we go to the gym and really make the most of every second in there. And we know that that’s what you always do anyway, but we also know that you love looking as fantastic or even more fantastic when you leave the gym as you did when you went in there and that’s why we’re sure your bag is always packed full and we know that even Mary Poppins herself would be proud of how much you’ve packed… you’ve always got everything you need in there! And one of the basics you’ll be taking with you in the future is this practical toiletry bag featuring the now characteristic happy and upbeat Mr. Wonderful style. This toiletry bag includes two soft reusable and refillable silicone bottles with anti-drip lids, which are perfect for taking your shampoo, conditioner or that cream that makes your skin extra soft with you. This is a toiletry bag that you can take with you to any training session, trip, or excursion to remind yourself that you don’t need any filter to be as cool as you are and to earn yourself millions of like. Go you!

– Polyester and PVC toiletry bag including two silicone bottles with anti-drip lids.
– Bottle capacity: 65 ml.


– Do not wash (stains can be removed by rubbing gently with a wet cloth).
– Do not expose to sunlight over a long period of time to avoid colours becoming dull.
– Keep away from heat sources and sharp objects.

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